Youth 2 Work Program Yields Impressive Results

Youth 2 Work Program Yields Impressive Results

Jul. 24

Mayor Cranley with the 2014 Police Cadets

July 24, 2014

Cincinnati Youth 2 Work Program Yields Impressive Results

More Than 400 Young Adults Saved $100k This Summer

The City of Cincinnati Youth 2 Work Consortium celebrated the end of its eight-week summer work program at Washington Park on Thursday with impressive results – turning hundreds of young people into committed money-savers with bank accounts.

Approximately 700 young adults selected for the program gained real-world work experience in the Police Cadet Program, Artworks Cincinnati Inc, the Mayor’s Greenleaf initiative, MSD/Waterworks Intern Academy, Cincinnati Recreation Commission and various other organizations through the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati, this year’s service provider.

Mayor John Cranley recalled the first job he ever held – working as a janitor in a downtown building, mopping floors and emptying trash baskets.

"Working when you’re young can teach you so many valuable lessons that serve you well later in life. From learning focus and discipline to figuring out how to manage your time properly, having a job as a teenager is incredibly important. That’s why I support the Youth 2 Work program," Mayor Cranley said.

Cincinnati also was one of 14 cities participating in a pilot of the Young America Saves program, which aims to make saving a lifelong habit.

More than 400 participants in the Youth 2 Work program committed to opening a savings account provided by PNC Bank – and they collectively saved more than $100,000 this summer.

"We're teaching our young people the difference between their needs and their wants -- that a job isn't just about making money for today, but creating wealth for a lifetime," said Council Member Yvette Simpson.

She also added that the top two reasons students chose to save their money was so they could have money for emergencies and for their college educations.

Western & Southern Financial Group, Coca-Cola, LaRosa’s, United Dairy Farmers, Dell and others helped sponsor the event.

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