Fort Washington Way Deck Design Competition

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The City of Cincinnati is opening a community conversation to identify what decks over Fort Washington Way will be -- anything from a commercial or mixed retail corridor, to an open public space for recreation and art.

To facilitate this process, the City is inviting public input and is hosting a national, open competition for architecture, engineering and landscape design professionals to design the decks and structural features that will cover the area over Fort Washington Way.

When Fort Washington Way was remodeled more than a decade ago, the gap between downtown and the riverfront was narrowed, but not eliminated.

During that renovation, pilings were placed in the ground with the intention of one day using them as supports for an elevated surface to be constructed over the highway.

The decks will cover the recessed highway, at street level between Second and Third Streets, bookended by Elm Street to the west and Main Street to the east. Successful completion of decks will connect Cincinnati’s Central Business District to the Central Riverfront.

The City of Cincinnati is organizing this competition.

Mark McKillip (Architect, and former Principal Architect of the City of Cincinnati), is the professional advisor.

John Deatrick (Project Executive of The Banks Development and former Director of the City’s Department of Transportation and Engineering) is the technical advisor.

The design evaluation committee, appointed by the City Manager, will consist of architecture design professionals including members of the Urban Design Review Board.

The City are also seeking the assistance of non-profit organizations to act as project partners and business leaders to act as civic advocates.