February Talk Shows

February Talk Shows

CitiCable produced Talk Shows showing in the month of February

Show: Inside Cincinnati
Topic: Evanston Housing Strategy
Guests: Anzora Adkins - President, Evanston Community Council; Roxanne Qualls - Cincinnati's Vice-Mayor; Liz Blume - Community Building Institute;
Phil Johnson - Department of Community Development
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Show: Government & Small Business
Topic: Accent Signs 
Guest: Julie Wentzel - President & Owner, Accent Signs 

Host: Rochelle Thompson
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Show: We Know Health Matters
Topic: Living with Multiple Sclerosis 
Guests: Carolyn Sherman - 'Life with MS' Leader
Dr. Lawerence Holditch - Medical Director, CHD Primary Care Centers 
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Show: Talk of the Town
Topic: Valintines Day 
Guests: Courtney Tsitouris - epi-ventures.com
Jac Kern - Arts & Culture Editor for CityBeat
Ethel Bonner - Details2Decor
LaStarr Rivers - Details2Decor

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Show: InFocus

Date: 2/1/13 - 2/15/13
Topic: Greater Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce (china-midwest.com)
Guests: Shau Zavon - Executive Director & President, GCCCC
Ellen T. Juram, CPA - Barnes, Dennig & Co.
Jerin Zhai - Administrative Manager, GCCCC 
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Date: 2/16/13 - 2/30/13
Topic: Activities Beyond the Classroom  
Guests: Brian Leshener - Executive Director of Activities Beyond the Classroom; Chris Nelms - School Board Member of Cincinnati Public Schools & Anita Burke - Varsity Basketball Coach and Cincinnati Basketball Hall of Famer 
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Show: Be The Change
Topic: Artistic Quilts
Guest: Carolyn L. Mazloomi - Director, Women of Color Quilters Network
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