April Talk Shows

April Talk Shows

CitiCable produced Talk Shows showing in the month of April


Show: Inside Cincinnati
Topic:  People Working Cooperatively, Inc.
Guests: Lydgia Sartor - Department of Community Development
Nina Creech - People Working Cooperatively, Inc.
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Show: Government & Small Business
Topic:  SuperJobs Center

Guests: Carolyn Reynolds - Rapid Response Coordinator, SuperJobs Center
Jason Hunter - Business Services, SuperJobs Center
SuperJobs Center Contact Info: hcjfs.hamilton-co.org/superjobs (513) 946-7200
Host: Rochelle Thompson

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Show: We Know Health Matters
Topic:  The Cincinnati Bike Plan
Guests: Melissa McVay - City Planner, Department of Transportation & Engineering (cincinnati-oh.gov/bikes/)
Jheri Neri - Mobo Bicycle Cooperative (mobobicyclecoop.org/)
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Show: Talk of the Town
Topic: Bully Prevention

Susan Graham, M. Ed, P.C. - Director of Education Liaisons for Child-Focus, Inc. (child-focus.org                                                                                                                                      Tracey DuEst, M.Ed - Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at TriHealth                                       Kristin S. Shrimplin, MNO- Co-Chair of Diversity and Inclusion, HRC of Greater Cincinnati
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Show: InFocus
Topic: CHRC Quarterly Update (Q3) & CIRV Outreach
Guests: Dr. Ericka King-Betts, CHRC Executive Director
Sheila Davis, CHRC CIRV Outreach Program Manager
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Show: Be The Change                                                                                     
Topic: Friends of the African Union
Guest: Hershel Daniels Junior - Friends of the African Union
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