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Grand Opening: Riverside Dr. Bike Lanes

Sep. 3

Vice Mayor Qualls speaks to the crowd

New Bike Lanes Calm Traffic On Riverside Drive

East End's Community-Driven Project Makes Street Safer For All

East End residents now have a safer, more vibrant neighborhood thanks to a community-driven project to calm traffic on Riverside Drive.

Cincinnati city officials joined neighborhood leaders Tuesday evening to officially open new bicycle lanes going eastbound and westbound along Riverside Drive through the East End.

The bike lanes complete the bicycle-friendly connection between The Banks in Downtown Cincinnati and the Lunken Trail at Lunken Airport, which then connects to Magrish Nature Preserve in the Cincinnati neighborhood of California.

The Riverside Drive bicycle lane project began in 2010 at the request of the East End Area Council and regional advocacy organization Queen City Bike. After a 12-month public participation process, the community voted to support bicycle lanes on Riverside to slow down speeding cars and encourage people to use bicycles for transportation and recreation.

"The big picture is that this is part of the neighborhood’s vision. The East End community gets it -- streets are the public living rooms of our neighborhoods. In addition to creating an amenity for cyclists and the neighborhood, the bike lanes support our work to build complete streets to make all Cincinnati neighborhoods destinations, instead of raceways," said Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls, a longtime bicyclist.

"What we're doing along Riverside Drive is making the East End a healthier, happier place to live," said East End Area Council Liaison Laurie Keleher. "It's important to this community that our streets are usable by all people – drivers, bicyclists and walkers alike."

The first half of the bicycle lanes were installed in 2012 (between St. Andrews Street and Congress Avenue). The second half of the bicycle lanes (from Bains Street to St. Andrews Street) were installed in late August of this year. The project was delayed twice due to utility work requiring construction within the street.

About The Bicycle Transportation Program

The mission of the City of Cincinnati Bicycle Transportation Program is to make bicycling an integral part of daily life in Cincinnati, so that persons of all ages and abilities utilize bicycles for all types of trips. We work toward this goal by planning, engineering, and implementing bicycle facilities, and by educating the community about bicycle transportation.

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