The Best (Bike) Prom Ever!

The Best (Bike) Prom Ever!

Saturday, May 18, 7pm

Are you still traumatized by that coral salmon, two-tone, accordion sash prom dress with spaghetti straps that your mother made you wear in 1998?

Are you still losing sleep at night because your date danced with the quarterback of the football team while you were in the bathroom trying to get a baked ziti stain off your pants?

If so, it’s obvious what your high school prom was missing: BIKES!

This is your chance to relive the aspects of prom (dressing up, hanging with your friends and listening to a Savage Garden song with your eyes closed) while biking around Cincinnati with a great group of people.

So dust off that tux, put on that dress and meet us at Hoffner Park, where we will start a slow ride down to Fountain Square. Come early to have your photo taken under the glitter balloon arch.