The 2013 Cincinnati Tweed Ride

The 2013 Cincinnati Tweed Ride

Saturday, November 16, 2013, 4pm

It’s time to head down to the thrift store - an old-fashioned aesthetic is a must for this ride! Join us as we sally forth across town simply because it promises to be a jolly good time!

Possible attire includes newsboy caps, bow ties, tweed jackets, knickers, wool skirts, handlebar mustaches, pipes, anything argyle, anything vintage, etc. The chaps will be dapper and the lasses will be snappy!

We will be awarding prizes for the following categories:

- Best Male Attire
- Best Female Attire
- Best Mustache
- Best Hat

Everyone is eligible for every category!

This will be a slow-paced, flat ride, approximately 3 miles long (great for beginners!). Meet at the National Steamboat Monument at E. Mehring Way and Broadway St.

A celebration of fall, tweed, bikes, and Cincinnati.